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Kassi maalimise töötuba / Cat painting workshop 

V6tta kass kaasa! / Bring your cat!

EXHIBITION OPENING: 24th May at 18.00 in KELDER 


Mu esimene valge kass, Missan, 1977. My first white cat, Missan, 1977.

Kes? Kass! Kus? on kahepäevane kasside maalimise töötuba Kungla 34 keldrigaleriis. / (Who? Cat! Where? two days workshop in Kungla 34 KELDER - downunder in english.) 

At 12-18, 19th May and 12-18, 20th May 2012.

12-18 19. mai ja 12-18 20. mai 
Kunstnik Bie Erenurm palub töötoa korraldamisele paari inimest appi! helista 58107811 või 55558212


Üritus Kalamaja päevadel pühendatud Kalamaja Kassile. Kassiomanik toob oma Kassi kohale. Kunstnikud maalivad Kassi koos omanikuga või ilma omanikuta. Värsketest kassimaalidest koos teiste Kassimaalidega koostame ilusa Kassinäituse. Kunstnikud: August Künnapuu, Karoliina Paapa (soome), Kristi Kongi, Bie Erenurm (Eesti-Rootsi), Kadi Kuremaa. Kassinäituse avamine tuleb 22 mai.


Kassist saab palju rääkida.Kunagises kunstiülikoolis õpetati ”aga pea meeles: ära kunagi maali kassi ega parti”. Kõik õpilased ei kuulanud sõna ja kasse on maalitud ka nüüdsel ajal täpselt nagu läbi ajalugu. Keegi ei sa pidurdada kunstniku kui ta on leidnud endale motiivi millele ta saab oma isiksust ja kujutlus võimet projitseerida.


Kungla Keldris!!! ja ehk ka 6es kui ilus ilm.


A celebration for the Kalamaja Cats. The Catowner brings the cat. Artists paint. One exhibition will follow. Artists: August Künnapuu, Karoliina Paapa (Finl), Kristi Kongi, Bie Erenurm (Est-Swede), Kadi Kuremaa. Cat exhibition opening just after some days - we´ll tell later.

There is much to be said about the cat. Once upon a time the Artschools teached: "whatever you do, don´t you ever paint a cat or a duck!" All pupils didnt obey this, and cats has been painted before and ever since. Nothing can stop an artist that has found himself/herself a motive through wich she/he can project her inner self and her fantasies.


Here, in KELDER, in Kungla street.

EXHIBITION OPENING: 24th May at 18.00 in KELDER 



Kungla Kelder, Kungla 34

Kell: 12-18 19 mai

Kell: 12-18 20 mai

Etteteatamisel hellista: 58107811 (call)

More about the Cat:

Charles Baudelaire:
Uneluses nad võtavad peeni ja õilsaid hoiakuid,
Suurte sfinkside moel, kes lesivad kaugel ja üksinda,
Näides suikuvat mingis lõpetus unenäos.”
Les Chats, Spleen et Ideal, Les Fleurs du Mal”, 1857

South african lion shaman Credo Mutwa:
In our tradition, cats are much more than pets. They are magical creatures and our protectors. They protect us from vermin that are harmful to us, but they also protect us from invisible enemies that we fear more than anything. The African people sing a praise song specially composed for this animal.

You are the cat, tamer of human beings, not tamed by them!
You are the animal we all fear; favourite of sorcerers, darling of witches, treasured by sangomas.
You are the cat, guardian of the village,
Protecting us from enemies we both can and cannot see!
Sent by the sky Gods to shield the world from invisible foes and visible vermin
Oh cat, master of life!
You guard me while I sleep,
I honour you, dear cat,
And feed and nourish you, for it´s said that the Gods and ancestors will bring
eternal suffering upon any human who stoops to harm you.

Kings throughout Africa used to employ a special servant, whose job it was to protect and care for the cats. This man was called “the Keeper of the Cats”. And he was always a fearless individual because he had to be prepared, if necessary, to die for the felines in his care.
Western man has come to believe that he is the master of all living things, and that nature is there to be tamed, and at best; despised broken, and destroyed at worst. It has lead to a very dangerous situation: the belief that human beings can build a shining technological future without animals, trees, and other life forms. Until this attitude is combated and erased from the human mind, Westernized human beings will be a danger to all earthly life, including themselves.
I say we must take a great spiritual step backwards. We must embrace the original view of creation; that everything around us is a part of one great and interconnected whole. We must change this habit of regarding ourselves as superior or special creatures. This misconception has led us to the very brink of destruction.
We have become denatured. In Old Afrika we believed that human beings could not exist without animals, birds, and fishes or trees. We believed that the whole universe was not only around us, but also within us. For this reason many African Gods were depicted as part-animal and part-human. If your God had the body of a man and a head of a lion, I ask you, would you shoot lions for sport?
We live in prophetic times, the white lions have returned recently as prophets of this new age.
But why are they white? We believe that camouflage comes from the soul of the animal. The white lions appear white. They can also appear invisible.
Our people believe that the lion is a beast like no other. It is something more important, more sacred. All cat-animals, from domestic cats to lions, where brought to this earth, we believe to protect human beings and other life forms.

Taken from: Mystery of the White Lions Children of the Sun God, Linda Tucker, 2003

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