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Poetry Explosion 28.06.2011

Lively poets Kalle and Andy
Kalle Niinikangas and Andy Willoughby
Andy Willoughby reading, Katarina Norlings artpiece behind.

Kalle Niinikangas and Andy Willoughby reading poems. Katarina Norling´s art on the wall behind.

Poetry reading with music

Andy Willoughby
Kalle Niinikangas

Poets from England/Suomi ex prompt visit to Tallinn. Both published several books, separately and together, Niinikangas has translated Andy Willoughby into finnish. "The Flesh of the Bear" an anthology consisting of 12 poets all together.

From http://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalle_Niinikangas

Kalle Niinikangas was born in 1973 in Central Finland, grew up in the industrial city of Tampere but now lives near Helsinki. He has published three full collections of poetry in Finnish and co-wrote the bi-lingual pamphlet ‘Perkele’ (Ek Zuban 2006). He is a translator, editor and a father.

Andy Willoughby is a nationally and internationally published poet, educational playwright and director from Middlesbrough where he was the former town poet laureate. He is a part time Senior Lecturer in
Creative Writing at Teeeside University. He works with Ek Zuban Literature Development and Independent Press alongside Bob Beagrie often working with schools and hard to reach groups and passionately believes in the power of creative arts to transform peoples lives.


Poetry Explosion followed ex prompt after the visit of Katarina Norling, swedish poet and sculptoress. wich was the first poetry reading in Kelder, and KELDERS first event ever! 18th June 2011. Thanks Katarina!

Avamis Yritus Keldris: Rootsi Luule: Katarina Norling ja Bie FLOORA 17-19 Juuni 2011 - vist tuleb Luule6htu koos GRILLIMISEGA 18 JUUNIL.

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